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Battery Health Monitoring System

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Battery Health Monitoring System

monitor2All the uninterruptible systems have the battery back-up to get the power without any interruption. Battery is the weak link of any such system. To increase the reliability and to reduce the maintenance of such systems, developed Battery Health Monitoring System. Provides battery management for VRLA, Regular Lead Acid and LMLA batteries. Supports up to three strings of batteries. Each string can support a maximum of 24 batteries/cells. It monitors each Battery/Cell Voltage, Current, Trickle Current, Battery/Cell Conductance and Battery/Cell Temperature. Test can be initiated manually and also automatically at programmable intervals for conducting discharge test under load to detect any abnormality of the battery. It is a micro-controller based system capable of monitoring, supervising & controlling of many battery parameters. It packs all the features required for battery health check-up. It’s menu driven program makes it extremely user friendly. The construction is modular in nature, making it easy to install.


  • Monitors each battery condition in the system and optimizes the state of its charge.
  • Identifies failing or failed batteries so that you can replace them before they get damaged permanently.
  • Auto monitor mode and control through MCM (Monitoring and Control Module)


  • Read and display of battery parameters
  • Measurement of each battery/cell’s voltage
  • Measurement of each battery/cell’s temperature.
  • Measurement of each battery/cell’s conductance.
  • Ambient temperature
  • String voltage, current
  • Battery capacity
  • User’s password
  • Connectivity with MCM (Monitoring and Control Module) via RS485 link
  • Communication to central location with RMS(Remote Monitoring System)