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Line Conditioner

Line conditioner, also called as Electronic Static Regulator (ESR) offers superior performance compared to stabilizers with an electromechanical or relay based switching configuration, because of its superior design using solid-state switching devices. It can operate over a wide input range and provides isolated output for wide range of power (up to 500kVA) ratings. Fully protected for any tap shorts that can result in high circulating currents, a problem that is common with most of the available products in the market.


  • Output voltage regulation controlled as ±5%, ±2.5%, ±1.5%, ±1% or most accuracy ±0.5%
  • Voltage resolution the display of 0.1 Volt.
  • Automatic tap change by static electronics system at zero-voltage-crossing.
  • Series buck – boost transformer.
  • Maximum response time most speed up than other type of voltage stabilizer.
  • Over and under voltage protection can set available voltage.
  • Protects from, lightning surge voltage.