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Solar AC Water Pumping System

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Solar AC Water Pumping System

Solar Panel: IEC 61215 & IEC 61730 Certified SPV panels with 25 year life AC Motor + Pump: High life cycle pump with High efficiency and better discharge Solar AC Pump Controller: Transformer less, high efficiency and micro controller based pump driver Module mounting structure: Galvanized Iron Mounting Structure with dual axis manual tracking for more output



Rural Water Supply, Irrigation systems, Urban buildings and Multi -level complexes Applicable for both retrofit pumps as well as new applications


Energy savings through harmoniously switching between Solar (SPV) power & AC Grid power. Avoids the usage of Grid power by making use of even partial Solar Power availability and that in turn reduces Electricity Bill.

Optimized Maximum Power Point Tracking gets maximum SPV Array power under all the unavoidable changing conditions. Get the best performance from the SPV panels so the total required panel power gets reduced.

Optimized constant torque mode operation makes the pump to work even under overcast conditions. Makes it attractive for the live stock applications and unattended mode of operation.