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Solar Power Conditioning Unit

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Solar Power Conditioning Unit

Sukhila Solar Hybrid Digital UPS (SPE_PCU) is an advanced technology UPS designed specifically for high performance and wide input range, and protects your equipment from all forms of power interference, including brown outs and complete power failures. It is smaller and lighter than many other UPS systems  and can be installed or stored in small areas. compartments. It has many capabilities previously either non-existent, or found only in separate products like AC to DC isolation, a surge protector, AVR, wide input range and also many other safety features which reduce potential shock and fire hazards. Numerous standard features maximize the performance of the system:

  • Designed to meet the National Electric Code and other international controller specifications.
  • Electronic overload and short circuit protection with automatic and manual reset ability. Increased the reliability of unattended systems by eliminating blown fuses or tripped circuit breakers.
  • Field adjustment of the set points is provided by digital controls to reduce the potential for set point tampering. Display for adjustment of allowed user settable settings and test points to verify set points (digital meter not required).
  • LCD Display with multi-colour LED provided for mode/status indication.
  • Suitable for outdoor use when protected from direct rain and sunlight.
  • Protection from surges and spikes on the AC power line.
  • Monitors Solar photovoltaic array and battery state to regulate battery charging and also to control load in all conditions and modes.

The Sukhila Solar Hybrid Digital UPS (SPE_PCU) operates in Solar Hybrid Digital UPS   protects it from surges and spikes on the AC power line.

Solar rapidly cycles the photovoltaic array on and off to control the charging of the battery and load.

  • Battery Mode- includes automatic low battery disconnect with impending shut down warning by flashing the BTY LED. In manual mode the reset switch allows one 1-minute “grace period” of load operation.
  • Solar Mode- with three stage battery charge regulation.
  • Hybrid Mode- with 4-step input AVR and also with SPV panel to regulate battery charging to supply power to the loads.
  • Grid Mode- with 4-step input AVR to regulate battery charging and also to supply power to the loads.

Wide Voltage Range Operation

Sukhila Solar Hybrid Digital UPS (SPE_PCU) maintains constant output voltage of about 9% regulation for your equipment when the AC line voltage drops as low as 150 VAC, or rises as high.