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Solar Sine-Wave Inverter

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Solar Sine-Wave Inverters

Inverter is a critical component of the AC solar power system. DC Power output from Solar panels can be stored in batteries for back up requirements during non-solar hours or directly fed to Inverter to derive the required AC Power. Inverter converts variable DC output of PV cells into a clean sinusoidal 50 or 60 Hz AC, to supply to electrical grid or a local electrical network/load. Our Solar Inverters are available in power ratings of 5 kVA to 10 kVA Single Phase 230V output and 15 kVA to 60 kVA Three Phase Four wire Output of 400V Line to Line. These work in the stand alone or grid interactive mode.


  • Controller that effectively executes very precise algorithms required to charge battery of the system and provide AC power to electrical grid without power losses
  • Soft-start circuit to reduce nuisance tripping.
  • RS232 remote communication interface
  • Pure Sine Wave regulated Clean AC power
  • Embedded MPPT Charge Controller and DC/DC Converter
  • Meets IEC 61215:2005, EN 61215:2005 & EN61000-6-1:2007 .Designed for Endurance in Indian Environment